Friday, December 18, 2009

are cats womany?

Wow, apparently Lutz Widmaier, of the New York Times, read this bit of immortal dreck:

The photo on the cover of “The Talented Miss Highsmith” depicts the young, sultry author of “Strangers on a Train” holding one of her pet cats. There’s no question which is the more spookily feline-looking creature.


(It's based on a photograph by F. J. Goodman. She doesn't look that feline and unapproachable to me, more hesitant and....almost scared? But all women are feline, at least in cliched writing.)

(The illustration accompanies Jeanette Winterson's review of the new batshit 'biography' of Highsmith, which sounds just about as bad as the author's previous batshit 'biography' of Dolly Wilde.)

-- Also, while googling for that picture, I found A TOPLESS PHTOOGRAPH OF PATRICIA HIGHSMITH ON THE INTERNET. WHAT. I do not WANT to see my favourite authors topless!....altho she looked pretty good. (NO, you perverts, I'm NOT linking. Google for yourself if you want to see Tom Ripley's alter ego in the altogether.) Have one of her at her typewriter instead:

Her notebooks (this is a page from Strangers on a Train I think).