Wednesday, April 17, 2013

“She seemed just like me.”

TM: How do you think she’s been unfairly portrayed?

EW: Depressed, pathological, humorless. Neurotic — well, she probably was neurotic. Competitive. Delusional — ambitious in a delusional way. And then later on, as sort of like a nagging wife. And then on another level, I think that she’s also diminished because of the way she looks. It’s not like she was some great beauty, but she fit in with the cultural standards of the time. Somehow, we always have a problem with a woman who’s a writer who also wears make-up and likes lipstick. That’s always been included as part of her pathology. People pathologize everything with Plath and that’s always rubbed me the wrong way.

- When Sylvia was a Millie: An Interview with Elizabeth Winder

Amazon says my copy of this JUST shipped and I am SO EXCITED. I'm really hoping it'll be what I thought Mad Girl's Love Song would be like.