Tuesday, January 5, 2016

this is what a totally useless liberal arts education gets you

T: //is watching a truly terrible skiffy series

MOI: //is surfing the web aimlessly

SOME DUDE IN THE SKIFFY SERIES: //types in "R O C I N A N T E" as a ship name

MOI: Hunh.

T: What?

MOI: That's the name of Don Quixote's horse. Rocinante.*

T: Hunh. The guy said it meant "workhorse."

MOI: //pained Not really.

OTHER DUDE IN THE SKIFFY SERIES: I like it. I knew a woman named Rocinante.


T: //sighs

*I remembered this because the WHOLE BOOK is the first thing you read junior year at SJC. You spend all summer reading it before classes start -- the seniors do the same thing with War and Peace. I beavered away at the Tobias Smollett translation for weeks in the un-air-conditioned top floor of a lovely house which belonged to the grandmother of a friend of mine. I've had far worse summers.