Tuesday, February 18, 2014

OK, I can't stand him either

"Let me entreat you," cried Mr. Elton; "it would indeed be a delight! Let me entreat you, Miss Woodhouse, to exercise so charming a talent in favour of your friend. I know what your drawings are. How could you suppose me ignorant? Is not this room rich in specimens of your landscapes and flowers; and has not Mrs. Weston some inimitable figure-pieces in her drawing-room, at Randalls?"

.....I think this would be going better if I had seen one of the movie adaptations first, even Goopy's. It is one thing to read about a charming insufferable person, but another to see a charming actress acting insufferable. If that makes sense. Probably it does not, I have the flu (still) and they are murdering chainsawing trees all up and down my block.

-- wait what in Gwynnie's flick Mr Knightley is played by JEREMY NORTHAM? OK, if I picture him this is at least.....tolerable //Darcy

Also I don't give half a rat's ass about wedding dresses (I got married in a black velvet-and-chiffon minidress with ruffled layers on the skirt and I looked FANTASTIC) but....aww.