Saturday, September 6, 2014

she is just so good

They stopped there and went through what seemed to him to be an endless, fiddling rigamarole of off-loading cargo, taking on passengers, holding the boat while the passengers went hunting for the youngest member of their family who had wandered away;  no, wait, Mr Slow-Toad and his worthless wife and family want to get off here after all. Luggage? Good heavens, sir, we did have luggage! Let's send the slowest waiter onboard to look for it while we all stand here and talk.

- Barbara Hambly, Fever Season

(....fuck, why aren't these movies? Setting: awesome, dialogue: awesome, characterization: awesome. Fuck, about all you would have to do is adapt the story and since they're serial novels she's careful about setup and continuity anyway. Location shoots in Louisiana and you're all set.)