Thursday, April 24, 2014

checked out from the library

At least my poverty means the Seattle Public Library is getting a workout!....probably their budget will be slashed soon (again), hah.

The Pure Lover: A Memoir of Grief, David Plante
Becoming a Londoner: A Diary, David Plante (these were next to each other on the 'Biography' shelf) (ah! browsing! how I missed you!)
At Home with Beatrix Potter (nice big picture book), Susan Denyer
Beatrix Potter: A Life in Nature, Linda Lear (have an e-copy of this but the hardback has some REALLY nice colour plates, esp of her artwork)
The Mystery of Lewis Carroll, Jenny Woolf
The Diaries of Richard Burton, ed. Chris Williams
Demon Camp, Jennifer Percy

....yes, I DO love reading biographies and diaries and memoirs way too much, why do you even ask.

The cats were VERY excited about the Mylar-sheathed library books. The tiny stripey one started licking a book as if it were a lollipop (she loves plastic. Anything and all things plastic), and the big fat black one whuffed around a couple before letting out some throaty trills and stropping the carpet under the books, so they jumped about. They have IMAX-level smell-O-vision, I guess.