Friday, August 7, 2015

CR: And so what will you do with that year [off]?

DFW:  If past experience holds true, I will probably write an hour a day and spend eight hours a day biting my knuckle and worrying about not writing.

CR: Worrying about not writing. ....Not worrying about what to write.

DFW: Right. Yeah. Worrying about not-writing.

- DFW on Charlie Rose, 1997

(He is SO SHY. And OMG, the poor dude has like NO armour! He rears back when CR is like "Respect means a lot to you" -- "You this in my face?" His speech is so soft and intense and not quite pressured and he obviously wants to be articulate and thoughtful.) ("You're seriously asking me for my view on The English Patient?")

Nearly twenty years ago, now. Man.