Saturday, June 15, 2013

portrait of the reader as a middle-aged woman

Right now hesitating at the moment between (or wait, it's more than two, should it be among) (or amongst for maximum Pretentiousness Points) --

Angelica Lost and Found, Russell Hoban (his last novel and I read the first page and fell in love so have been stupidly PUTTING OFF reading it, what the hell)

Squaring the Circle, Le Guin's translation of a translation of Gheorghe Sasarman

Matthew Cox's novels (poor guy)

Wolf Solent, which A.N.W. mentioned in his horrible book on John Bayley Irish Murdoch

Charles Dickens in Love, next up in the (informal) desk queue

.....instead I reread about 20 pp of Conradi's good yet obviously purposely-vague-in-places and downright censored biography of IM while lying down and fell asleep for about five hours. GAH.