Friday, January 10, 2014

The vulture's maw Shall have his carcase, and the dogs his bones

God help me, after the day I have had (which included a family member's health emergency, extreme financial upset, and the tiny cat crapping on the floor RIGHT IN FRONT OF the litterbox to express her displeasure with its not being changed quickly enough) I am skipping Five Herrings and going straight to Carcase because I neeeeeed me some of my girl Harriet.


-- And it is perfect:

"I'm afraid," admitted Harriet, "that I have never managed to learn all the subtle rules and regulations about male clothing. That's why I made Robert Templeton one of those untidy dressers."

"Robert Templeton's clothes have always pained me," confessed Wimsey. "The one blot on your otherwise fascinating tales."

(Also now I'm wondering whether P.D. James's enchanting Cordelia Gray was based just a little bit on Harriet's detection work at the beginning of this book.)