Sunday, March 15, 2015

We’re so cute, I want to punch us in the face.

T and I (finally) saw Gone Girl last night, and it was FUCKING FABULOUS. I told T it was a "thriller/fucked-up black comedy about marriage," and other than that he knew NOTHING about it (he is totally outside the cultural mainstream most of the time, so he hadn't heard of any of the twists). I got to experience his reaction to every single turn in real time, and it was awesome. Pike was perfect as my girl Amy -- she was fucking robbed of that Oscar -- Affleck was a little too nice, everyone else was damn great. The editing was flawless, the direction superb, even Fincher's dim washed-out bleak cinematography perfectly matched the bankrupt, drained environment inside the leased dreamhouse and out.

I've always told people: this story is a black comedy about marriage, and the longer you've been married, the fucking funnier it is. Since we'll have been married twenty-two years this March 31st, we were both howling with laughter almost nonstop. But lots of my friends are single and naive, so they were all "Nooo, it's so mean-spirited and misogynist!" Trust me, Amy Elliott Dunne is the poster girl for marital discontent.