Friday, May 1, 2015

words I was not expecting to hear myself say this evening

'oh so THAT'S what a flash bang sounds like'

Opened the windows when we got home, suddenly smelled pepper spray. Choppers drowning out every other single noise.

 Actualfax Steve Rogers I live with got upset at two (2) points: when we saw the smashed windows and paint bombs at QFC ("I don't think the capitalist dogs are working here on the night shift for ten dollars an hour") and when a GIANT SWAT TEAM DUDE said "Sir you need to move along now" when he was trying to take a picture of the place where we ALMOST GOT FUCKING KETTLED. I was holding my QFC bag like a shield. I JUST CAME OUT FOR OLIVE OIL AND COFFEE AND I'M HONESTLY FEELING SO ATTACKED RIGHT NOW, I did not say.

You should have seen Captain America's reaction go from those damn punks busting up the QFC to what the hell do you mean I can't take a picture of the kettling SWAT teams? It was pretty priceless. The floor manager at the QFC was all, "It happened OF COURSE while I was gone! I was in the staff room on my union-sanctioned break!"