Wednesday, July 30, 2014

social media hiatus til Labour Day

Brought to you by the past THREE DAYS I spent wasting on Tumblr and Pottermore. (Yes, POTTERMORE.) (It's really quite pretty! -- anyway.) Yes, there's a heat wave on, and it's hard to think, but my God, mopping the kitchen floor with half a paper towel and spit would be better than this.

- I will be emailing.
- I will not be, God help us all, blogging. I may do the bookpost thing, I don't know.
- I more or less broke myself of the Twitter and BadGoodReads habits, anyway, so that's not a problem. (Re the latter, that's one way to quit social media, get bullied off it! hah.)
- I will probably be commenting hither and goddamn yes yon.
- July 31st is when the rest of the fourth Potter book goes up on the game site, right? OH WELL

(I played BEJEWELLED today, I am so ashamed of myself. Usually I stick to Tetris, and occasionally e-"Mahjong" ((i.e. fancy-really culturally dubious-memory-solitaire)).  I have no hand-eye coordination, no sense of direction, and my spatial navigation is for shit, but I fucking rock the house at Tetris. I had the highest score at my college, I think. Granted, the senior class was like all of eighty people, if that, but still. I am one of those read-upside-down-and-backwards-no-problem people. Pattern recognition is my game.)