Saturday, July 12, 2014

what NYC literary feuds sound like when you're on the Left Coast*

CLICKBAIT ARTICLE: ....and the controversial article on Emily Gould by Ed Champion --

MOI: Who? //clicks over

 EDRANTS: "They are largely white women who are almost totally in the dark about their privilege, many bolstering a blinkered neoliberal feminism that demands a rectifying army of Mikki Kendalls and Djuna Barneses"

MOI: Who wha motherfucking what

EDRANTS: "But when a minx’s head is so deeply deposited up her own slimy passage"

MOI:  Oh fuck you, you sexist pathetic bastard, you -- 

FIRST COMMENT ON EDRANTS, FROM "DEPRESSED READER": Everyone who's read anything she’s written knows that Emily Gould is vapid, vicious and fame-hungry, and not particularly interesting beyond that. But man, you have some deeply pathological obsession going on here. I would delete this post if I were you and seek professional help.

TWITTER: //blows up (Are all these people in New York sitting in the same Starbucks composing Tweets about each other on their laptops while they're five feet away? I guess so? Do they ever go outside?)

MOI: But who the fuck is this? Why is he vaguely familiar....very, very vaguely....

EDRANTS:  No job no money no hope, I go to throw myself off a bridge! GOODBYE CRUEL WORLD THIS IS NOT A DRILL

MOI: ....have Hugo Schwyzer and this guy ever been seen in the same room together at the same time?

DAILY DOT: He was the one who pored over that spy novel and found out most of it was plagiarized.


*Roxane Gay left us out of her 'places where people write which aren't New York' post -- I thought I ranted about this on my blog, but now I think it was on GoodReads, which I don't use anymore -- and although the Stanford Creative Writing Program, founded in 1946 by Wallace Stegner, was the second in the country after Iowa, we didn't figure much in MFA v NYC (which one's Alien and which one's Predator?), either.