Friday, July 25, 2014

Something about the structure of my brain, its associative, porous, open-endedness, was defenseless against the ever-enlarging Web. Every video, news story, photo, e-mail, stock chart, sexy picture, and five-day weather forecast was an enticement to step into the forest, and once I was two or three breadcrumbs down the path, the witches had me, I was in their oven. Most of life's temptations go way back; they're ancient and perennial, and one is warned about them in one's youth, but this temptation had appeared from nowhere.

- Walter Kirn

I cannot BELIEVE how much fucking time I wasted on Tumblr today. And after I've taken I don't know how many hiatus (hiatii? hah) from that goddamn site! No more. No más!