Sunday, August 31, 2014

a very short review of The Dark Knight

CHRISTIAN BALE: //sounds like a road-company version of Wolverine who has just had his vocal cords savaged with a rusty chainsaw after gargling with Drano

MOI: Is he going to talk like that for the entire fucking movie?

T: When he's Batman, yeah.

MOI: ....

(As usual coffeeandink said it best way back when: "(It) ends up endorsing politics I find viscerally repugnant and outright dangerous. I'm not even sure it meant to--there are some gestures towards undercutting the fascism and paternalism of the main storyline--but they're just gestures, and in the end the movie comes down in favor of the Great Man Theory of History and vigilantism and lying to people for their own good and making decisions for other people and good people being good enough to be trusted with supreme power and violating privacy being okay if your heart is pure and your cause is true and the dehumanization/demonization of opponents who deserve to be put down because they're just that crazy/unreachable.

"Some of this is par for the course for superhero movies, but the movie foregrounds it instead of making it background wish-fulfillment power fantasy, which makes it hard to ignore.")