Friday, August 29, 2014

and then I got a sinus infection

which I'm sure has aaaaaaaaaaabsolutely nothing to do with the three GIANT construction projects going on not 300 yards away from my house in all directions (no, I do not exaggerate), my being extremely sensitive to dust/pulverized concrete/pulverized wood/exhaust/chemical fumes/other bits of particulate matter flying gaily around the block, and my 1912 apartment house having poor insulation (i.e. massive drafts) and no cross-ventilation.

(Let's not even talk about the horrific noise levels. Which included three guys shadily drilling a two-inch hole through a concrete wall for the new fucking gym next door at THREE IN THE MORNING. Yes really, THREE IN THE MORNING. Did the cops come? Was the builder fined? Were the workers fired? This is Seattle! To hell with a couple hundred tenants and their peace of mind, what really matters is the six-story mixed-use rabbit hutches with no parking to cram the Amazon coders into.)

//queues up mysteries with female leads on e-reader