Monday, August 11, 2014

back to disgustingly healthy breakfasts again

(Why am I even up at 7 AM -- after having been asleep, NOT after having stayed up all night? Why am I eating at this hour? Who is this person?)

- ONLY two cups drip coffee with skim milk (sob), half coffee half milk (DOUBLE sob)
- oatmeal with skim milk, organic blueberries, organic banana (but it has a "Dole" sticker. Dole hunh)
- garlic hummus on whole grain bread with coarse ground black pepper and diced red bell pepper
- organic apple
- Earl Grey double bergamot tea
- water (I just use tap water and keep a glass bottle in the fridge. I need to get a glass pitcher so I can have diced fruit or sliced lemons in it....)

-- none of which changes the fact that OMG I COULD MURDER FOR A CROISSANT RIGHT NOW. I do not think I will be setting my teeth in any baked goods again in this lifetime. Pancreas, how I loathe thee. (Also extremely dubious re anything organic from my local urban gross supermarket, but I SLEPT THROUGH the farmer's market yesterday, augh.)

And to top it off, am all out of cherries. Bah.