Monday, May 26, 2014

all hail web two-dot-oh!, it's probably mean of me to say, but looking at the Goodreads reviews of Sophie Hannah's novels you can see where some peoples' reading comprehension -- or lack thereof -- just slams them into a wall of Do Not Get and they blame the author. Well, this always happens with bad readers -- they remind me of the eighteen-year-old kids I taught in English Comp 101 who found everything "boring" -- Martin Luther King, Thoreau, Alice Walker, Charlotte Perkins Gilman....everything.

But at least the kids were eighteen. And at least they weren't writing "reviews" that get posted on a website which has been bought by the biggest monopolistic bookseller in the world, and which are now possibly influencing sales, contracts, what have you....ah well. There's a reason I'm not on that site anymore. Well. Many reasons. This is a small one.

(Yes, I know. I'm on a hiatus. Posts like this are why I'm on a hiatus.)