Sunday, May 11, 2014

To Become a Rich Man with Three Hundred Stone Seals

On a less fucking heartbreaking note, Qi wrote little captions on his sketches -- and the one I liked best was about one of water buffalo, where he rather glumly notes something like (paraphrasing here) "I drew water buffalo for my disciples" (students?), "but then my family wanted another painting of water buffalo, so I did this one. The best paintings are the ones you draw to amuse yourself" -- i.e. not because your relatives say "Oh but the one you gave away was so nice, can't you make us another one just like that?' Heh.*

Sadly I couldn't find a reproduction of the awesome rooster waking up the world with his crow by the gourds, but this one at the Met is pretty great too:

*yes, you have indeed heard of this guy, trust me