Tuesday, May 27, 2014

I've got a pen, I've got a notebook, I'm good to go.

This also struck me, from the same interview (French was an actress before writing -- maybe that's why she can inhabit her characters with such scary completeness):

I love writing. I feel ridiculously lucky that this is what I get to do all day. I love acting, too, but this is the one that was working out. This is the one that not only pays the mortgage but also lets me work every day. With acting, you have to depend on somebody else to decide if you are allowed to work. You can spend weeks and months when you are not acting at all. With this, not only, my God, do I get paid to work every day, but even when I was not, I could still work every day. No one could stop me. I've got a pen, I've got a notebook, I'm good to go. That's a marvelous thing.

 I have to remember that. Nobody else gets to decide. Not Amazon, not Hachette, not Sonny Mehta, not David Remnick, not anyone. No one can really stop you.

(Except yourself. But that's a whole other battle. That's the important one -- Zelda Fitzgerald: "....when I can get the tranquility of spirit necessary to write the story of myself versus myself. That is the book I really want to write.")