Wednesday, May 21, 2014

yet another hiatus

I really don't want to join the growing non-chorus of blogging women who've silenced themselves (do popular, or even regular, male bloggers ever agonize about shutting down their blogs? My guess but going on hiatus from Tumblr (and Goodreads about six months? ago) made me realize that I still use the internet in unhealthy, distracting and even destructive ways, and that's dangerous for any addict, and especially dangerous for me. (And I keep just using this blog in a Tumblr-like way, which is frustrating, just "reblogging" videos or quotes or pictures, and sometimes adding little comments, but not always.)

I'll keep the archives here up at least for a bit, and I might continue the booklog, because I like logging what I read and it's convenient to have it all in one place. But right now I'm just really not happy with how irrationally I use my time online, and I need to stop.

ETA: I was going to lock my goddamn Tumblr, but apparently that's not possible, which I did not know when I signed up for that. Fucking A.