Friday, December 6, 2013

'come with me if you want to live'

MR. SP: I have a suggestion.

The Skateboard Pup laughs.

SKATEPUP: You always have a suggestion.

MR. SP: It's how you can tell I haven't been replaced by a robot duplicate.

SKATEPUP: No that's cool! An android sponsor! You'd be like Arnold Schwarzenegger in all the "Terminator" movies. You're all "Come vith me if you vant to live!"

MR. SP: I don't remember the Terminator talking like a vampire.

SKATEPUP: Okay, okay, I can't do a good Arnold. But anyway, that's like your message though: Come with me if you want to live!

He has no idea how sweet that sounds or how choked up that makes me for a second. I get it together right away because I don't want to lose what I wanted to say to him.

That might have been the best thing I read all day. And that's the awesome flip side of the shitty part of the virtual world, I get to read Mr SP too, and I truly wouldn't want to miss out on that.